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Childhood Friends to Soulmates [Chapter 7] "Dressing Up!"

Continuing from Chapter 6

Everybody got in to each limo. Girls in Airi's. Boys in Fuma's.

A few hours past cause they came from Sakai City and they were heading to Saitama Prefecture, the same place Mai and Keigo were born.

"Childhood Friends to Soulmates"
[Chapter 7]
"Dressing Up and Make-Up!"

3 hours already pasted by......

"Minna!(Everyone!)" Kanon yelled when she got out the Limo. Behind came out was Mai, Airi, Chisato, Risako, Momoko, Miyabi, and Maimi. Out of Fuma's Limo came out was Shoon, Yabu, Keigo, Yuya, Taiga, Juri, Kento, Fuma, Hokuto, and Shouta.

The Girls were surprised about the other boys. "Um...oi(hey)....were are the others?" asked Momoko.

"Oh, yeah they're waking up right now." Yabu answered. "Oh My God?! Can't they sleep on the way back?!" Chisato yelled. She and Mai went to the front of Fuma's Limo and asked the driver to honk the car to wake them up.

"PEEP-PEEP!!!!!" The Car honked. Ryutaro and Hisashi jumped up from surprisement. Yuma and Inoo just woke up yelling.

Mai and Kanon went inside of Fuma's Limo. Mai grabbed Ryutaro'sand Inoo's hand and pulled them out of the car. So did Kanon but forcefully pulling Hisashi and Yuma out.

"Alright then everyone is HERE!" Risako said. "Wait!" They all heard a voice from behind them and it was coming from Ueda's Car. "Don't leave me!" Ueda said. Keigo turned to the others and said "Let's leave him." Keigo said and turned around and started walking towards some men clothing store, Juri, Ryutaro, Taiga, Hokuto, Shouta, Hisashi, Fuma, and Kento followed.

Mai noticed them leaving and ran and took Keigo's and Kento's hand. "Minna!~ Please wait for him!" Mai told them all.

"Fine, Let's wait." Taiga said.

A Few minutes started passing by and then they were already started walking around some little Shopping Center.

"Ah!~ KAWAII!~" Kanon, and Airi said. It sounded like they wanted to go into every cute store they would pass by. Chisato looked at Mai and so did Momoko with a funny face, Mai started laughing. "Oh, come on!!!" Mai dragged them."Okay then how about we go into the make-up store?" Maimi asked and looked at Miyabi and Momoko.

"Alright then, hey everyone how about we just split around and find different stores?!" Chisato yelled. Everybody agreed too.

A few minutes later passed as everyone went into smalled groups and in different stores....

Mai and Chisato,and Risako went into the boys store where they saw Keigo, Fuma, Hokuto, Juri, Ryutaro, Taiga, Hisashi, Kento, and Shouta.

Juri and Ryutaro were trying on tuxedos while the others were just laughing and talking. Chisato and Risako ran to join them, leaving Mai behind, since she was just staring at some tie saying "Dad Rules!" in Japanese. Mai started daydreaming about her father and when she was younger too.

-8 years ago- (Mai is 6 years old.)

"Mai!~, almost there!!!!" Her father yelling. She  was running to catch the football, and she did!!!, "Mai, You Did It!, that's my girl!!!!!" Her father yelling with a big smile on his face and Mai running back with excitement and happiness. Her father picked her up and said "Who my favorite girl?!" he asked her like he always does. "Me and Ai-oneechan!!!~~" Mai yelled. "You're right~!!" He yelled back and through her up in the air and kept hugging her. "Papa, daisuki!!(papa, I love You!!!)," Mai Yelled.

-7 years ago(1 years later..) - (Mai and Keigo are 7 years old)

(4 days after Mai's father's death....The day of his funeral)
Mai running to the park where her father used to always go to play sports with her, but she is running with tears, her eyes look like they have been stolen or faded away from the light, her radiant smile lost hope and confidence to smile and laugh. She keeps running and running with a black dress and black high heels and running without caring how painful and hard it is to run with shoes and dressws. She stops in front of the lake(stream) and in her hand is the football that her father gave to her on her 6th birthday, and running right behind her was Keigo following he was worried about her running of like that and making everybody at the funeral worried and scared.

At the funeral is her family, her mom, her grandparents, her family's friends, and Ai, her sister who has been crying all night and day with black spots under her eyes, right next to her is Tatsuya Ueda who is hugging her, holding her, giving her all his love and time to her, and supporting her, his parents are also there too supporting Mai's Mom because they are good friends. Her mother the most in pain but always seemed to never care how much see misses him and Mai only thinks that her mom only loves Ai and her dad was the only one to love and care for Mai.

Mai is still standing right in front of the lake then she looks at the ball and starts to tear up more and more. Keigo undestands her position and how hard she's taking it. Mai then throws the ball into the lake and yells "Papa omai ahoo-dayo(Papa, You are is Stupid)!Daikirei PAPA!!!!!!!(I hate you! PAPA) YOU'RE JUST  A LIAR, WHY-wh-why did you...... WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE ME HERE ALONE?!!!!" Mai yelled furiously and started sobbing and then fell to the ground, as if feeling how weak she was to stand up, her legs weren't so strong enough to help her at that right time.

Keigo looked sad as well and ran up to her, and said "Mai.....I'm really sorry, Your dad says!!! HE MISSES YOU MORE THAN YOU MISS HIM!!!" Keigo said that as her knew what her father said. Then her bent down and hugged her for so long and the two stayed like that for so long and started sobbing together.

*End of Flashback*   

Having some memories made her cry so she didn't want the others to worry about her and then just started walking restlessly. She wiped her tears off her face.

Mai then noticed Hokuto looking at some clothing stand and Mai wanted to know what was wrong and why he was always ingoring her and thought of her as a nuisance. She walked up to him and started a converstation with him.

"So.. see any you might choose to try on?" Mai just asked a random question to get a random converstation going.

"No, Why?" he asked her back suddenly. "Because we're here to shop for a formal ball of royal peopl-" Mai was cut off. "You mean rich people?.." He said so harshly like he didn't care what he said. He then walked away to another side of the store.

Mai followed him to the other side ."No, I mean friends." She looked at him with a serious look.

"Let me ask you something Mai-sa--" Hokuto was cut off too. "Mai-chan or MaiMai." She said to him with her eyes looking right into his eyes. He looked at her and rolled his eyes. "Okay then Mai-chan, What do you want from me?" He asked rudely.

"Let me think, I know, I want to be your friend, Hokuto-kun." She looked at him with a smile. They're eyes met.

"Excuse me, may I help you?" a employee asked. "Eh?! no--" Mai was stopped. "Yes, thank you. Can you find this young women a fine dress to wear for a royal ball?" Hokuto said to make sure they take her away.

"No-no, I'm fine." Mai said. "No, please let me help you." The employee hesistated. She pulled Mai accross the store. The Boys and noticed and so did Risako and Chisato. Hokuto grinned.

A few minutes later after trying on so many dresses and fixing her hair and make-up.....  

"Geez,What's taking so long for Mai to come out?" Risako whined.

"Sorry to keep you waiting ......" The employee who pulled Mai inside.

Everybody turned to the curtain and was waiting to see for quite a while.

Their Eyes were wide open and Keigo,Ryutaro,Shouta, and Hokuto were pretty surprised.

Mai was wearing a red dress with little puffs 1inch on the end of the dress. The dress went down to her ankles.
Her short hair was combed but the make-up employee added hair exstenions that had sparkes and was long enough to be curled.
She also had a red rose on the right side of her head. She had a red rose necklace on he neck. She had red sparkle earings.

She was truly a GODDESS Looking through Ryutaro's eyes, but from Keigo he looked and then looked away giving a smirk but a good smirk with a cute smile with closed eyes, on the other hand Hokuto wasn't really expecting much he didn't even care but, he tried to look away and he did but had a little anger in him just by looking at him clutching his teeth tight to together.

Chisato jumped up out of her seat and Risako just got up from her seat and ran to Mai. "Mai-chan~!Sugok Kawaii!!! (REALLY CUTE!!!)" Chisato yelled with her eyes closed and with a nice smile like Anime characters. Risako winked and then titled her head to where the boys were sitting, Mai didn't understand so Risako used eye signals to show her where to look at. Mai seemed to understand so she looked at Keigo and went to where the boys were sitting. The boys noticed that she was approaching them and Keigo looked but didn't think Mai would ask them this question "So.. How do I look?, is it cute or is it weird,well say something?" She asked.

Fuma said in a brotherly way, "Mmm-hh.. Mai-chan is always cute!" He smiled. Kento said, "Mai-chan, are you gonna choose that dress?,"Hokuto asked to. "Keigo, um...well?" Mai asked Keigo, and he looked her way. "Yeah, mmhh... it's okay, I--- Mean it suits you.." Keigo said and blushed too.

"Ahsou!(I see!) so I've decided I'll take this dress!Cause Keigo said it fit mes very well!" Mai yelled "AND he thinks it's cute!" Chisato added. Keigo started to blush and said "I didn't say that! Chissa!!!" He yelled
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